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Humanities and Basic Sciences Department


Theory papers Communication English I and II are included in the syllabus for the First Year students.  Students are exposed to Letter writing, Report Writing, etc.  We have a well-equipped Language Laboratory.  This lab is provided with two way track tape-recorders and head phones.  The students' progress is monitored by a control unit.  A computer system is interfaced with the control unit and an LCD projector is installed in the laboratory.  Students are trained in the four basic skills viz., Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  Selected audio CDs and Video CDs are played for the benefit of students to enhance their communicating abilities.


Engineering Physics Theory papers are being taught to students of First Year Engineering and Technology.  In order to supplement the theory, we are conducting practical on the topics such as Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Electrolysis, etc. Students are exposed to the basic concepts in Physics. Our Physics Laboratory is well-equipped with instruments such as Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope, Torsion Pendulum, Potentiometer, Electronic Digital Balance, etc., to impart practical knowledge.  On an average, students are performing nearly 20 experiments during First Year course.



Engineering Chemistry I and II are taught  for the First Year students.  Apart from the theory papers, students have a practical on Applied Chemistry.  Students are exposed to Salt Analysis, in which students identify acid and base radicals.  They are also exposed to Volumetric analysis.  Extensive training is also given to students on Water analysis using EDTA methods.  Chemistry Laboratory is well-equipped with apparatus to carry out experiments.




We have an exclusive Computer Centre for the First Year students.  Two Practical subjects viz., Computer Applications and Engineering Graphics are being taught to students in I and II Semesters respectively.  In the first semester, students are trained in Windows OS and MS Office.  In Engineering Graphics, students are exposed to concepts related to AutoCAD such as 2D Drafting, Orthographic Projections, Isometric Drawing, etc.  Students are also given training on Internet.  First year students are using the computer centre to browse website in order to get relevant data pertaining to Problem Based Learning.  Students prepare slides and download materials using the systems in the computer centre.