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The hostel is run by the P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja Education Charity Trust.  There are as many as 85 rooms available and each room can accommodate four to eight students.  With the available infrastructure facilities, a total number of 650 students can stay in our hostel.  Ceiling fans, sufficient lights and black boards are provided in each room.  Vegetarian food is served in the hostel.  Modern kitchen with steam cooking ranges, pollution - free dust exhaust system, and modular dining tables are provided so as to make the entire atmosphere hygienic.

Volleyball badminton, tennikoit courts and indoor games play area such as table tennis are available in the hostel.  In order to improve the physical fitness, gymnasium is available.  For the benefit of hostel students, a computer centre with internet facility has been provided.  A total number of 15 computer systems are available in the centre.  Internet connectivity is also provided.

HostelTrees are grown in plenty around the hostel to maintain breezy environment.  To keep the electrical power disruption at bay, an electrical generator has been installed.  Projection system has been provided to screen films.

Mineral water is served for the students in the dining hall and softened water is used in the toilets. 



Every year, we celebrate Hostel Day.  We invite eminent speakers for this function.  Intramural contests such as Singing, Eating, Elocution, etc are being conducted exclusively for hostel inmates.  Winners are suitably rewarded during hostel day celebrations.

In order to look after the affairs of hostel, a Deputy Warden has been appointed.  To assist him, we have Residential Tutors and Non-residential tutors.  Inmates grievances are being sorted out by convening periodical  meetings.